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I combine design thinking, business best practices, and the power of the Minimum Valuable Thing to help passionate people prioritize impact in a world full of shiny objects.

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Lighthouse C and P.png

Connecting Local Nonprofits

Client: Lighthouse

I collaborated with founder Mackenzie Langley to synthesize customer feedback from Lighthouse's initial MVP and recenter her company's success metrics and mission around the pivot. Then, I designed and built V1 of the product with no-code tools.

My Role:

Product Advisor

Product Designer

Workshop Facilitator

No-Code Developer

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Priya Launch Party.png

Launch Academy Accelerator

Created & Offered Through My Company Meep

I created an accelerator program based on the proven process I've developed over years of scoping, designing, and building new businesses. In collaboration with 45+ experts since the fall of 2023, I've taught two 5-month cohorts of non-technical founders how to design and build a self-funded minimum viable business with no-code tools.

My Role:

Curriculum Creator

Workshop Instructor

Program Director

Sales & Marketing

Glazier C & P.png

Digital Suite for Football Coaches

Client: Glazier

I conducted user research and designed a suite of digital products to compliment Glazier's legendary in-person football clinics. Working closely with leadership, engineering, and marketing team members, I led the entire design process from collaborative whiteboarding workshops and customer conversations, to comprehensive journey maps, user flows, and high-fidelity designs.

My Role:

Workshop Facilitator

UX Research & Conversations

Process Mapping

UI Designer & Design Team Lead

CrowdSolve C Profile.png

Incubator for Climate Startups

Client: CrowdSolve

As Director of Product Design during CrowdSolve's exciting first year in business, I collaborated with the growing startup team to identify gaps in the customer experience, conduct customer interviews, build and execute prototype experiments, lead team workshops, redesign the entire UI, and collaborate on curriculum design and product marketing initiatives.

My Role:

Workshop Facilitator

Incubator Curriculum Development

Design Team Lead

Process Mapping & UI Design

Good Elephant P.png

Angel-Funded Impact Startup

Good Elephant

I founded an impact startup that connected yoga instructors with local businesses to make yoga more accessible for beginners. After validating my no-code MVP in Reno, I recruited our CTO and built a full startup team. Over 4 years, we expanded into 7 cities with >3k app users regularly attending accessible yoga classes.

My Role:

Founder & CEO

Product & UX/UI Design


Sales, Marketing, & Partnerships

Yordly Wireframes.png

Reducing Small Business Emissions

Client: Yordly

Through ongoing coaching, I helped founder Igor Shvartser identify his target market, outline assumptions, define success metrics, map his customers' experience, build his "minimum viable branding" and refine the scope of his MVP. He is currently interviewing developers and conducting customer interviews with the help of the wireframes, process maps, and website he created using my structured launch process.

My Role:

Business Coach

Process Mapping with Mission-Driven Teams

... my happy place 🥰

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